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Consultancy Services

At Forshaw Compliance Solutions Ltd, we understand that any business that trades internationally might need some advice and support from time to time.

Which is why we provide a wide range of consultancy services from compliance health checks to full project management.

Is there a possibility that your company could be inadvertently violating international trade regulations?

Take the first step to ensuring your business is compliant and avoid unnecessary fines.

Compliance Health Checks & Audits

  • Trade compliance Gap Analysis
  • BREXIT analysis 
  • AEO Preparation & Implementation
  • Audit Preparation and Responses 
  • Audit Attendance: HMRC & Exports Control Organizations
  • Drafting Disclosures

Import & Export Services

  • Shipping & Purchasing Documentation
  • Customs Broker Instructions
  • EUR1 & Origin Certificates
  • Record Keeping & Audit Trails
  • Incoterms & International Sales Advice

Data Cleanse & ERP Implementation


  • Data Cleansing, including: Tariff Codes (HTS) also known as HTS Codes or Commodity Codes
  • Export Control Numbers (ECN)
  • Licence Numbers & Destination Control Statements
  • Incoterms & Named Place
  • ERP System Preparation: Data Cleanse



Duty Savings & Relief Schemes

  • Tariff code classification (Also known as HTS Codes or Commodity Codes)
  • Customs duty overpayment analysis

Product Classification, Licences & Permits

  • Controlled Item Classification:
        UK/EU – Dual Use & Military
        US  – EAR & ITAR  
  • Software & Data Classification
  • Export Licence Applications:
        EU/UK – Dual Use & Military
        US – EAR & ITAR  
  • Import Permit Applications 
  • Technical Data Licences  
  • End User Documentation

Policies & Procedures

  • Compliance Policies:
        Creation & Implementation of
        Compliance policies & programs
  • Processes, Procedures:
        Mapping of existing processes
        Creation of new processes